AI advise on how to block bots

I asked Artificial Inteligence how to block bots and this is what it came up with.

What are some common methods to block automated bots on websites ?

Common methods to block automated bots on websites include:

  1. CAPTCHA: A test designed to ensure that the user is a human and not a bot by requiring the user to perform a task such as identifying a series of images, typing distorted text, or solving a simple math problem.
  2. IP Address blocking: Website administrators can block specific IP addresses that are known to belong to bots.
  3. User-Agent Detection: Bots typically use a standard user-agent string that can be easily identified. Website administrators can block requests from known bot user-agents.
  4. Honeypots: A hidden field on a website that only bots will interact with, which allows website administrators to identify and block bot traffic.
  5. Access control lists (ACLs): A list of IP addresses or domains that are explicitly allowed or denied access to a website.
  6. JavaScript challenges: Requiring the user to have JavaScript enabled to access a website, which bots typically cannot do.
  7. Time-based restrictions: Blocking traffic that originates from bots that make requests too quickly or too frequently.
  8. Header verification: Verifying the values of HTTP headers that are typically set by browsers, which can help to distinguish between human and bot traffic.

These methods can be used in combination to create a multi-layered defense against bot traffic.