Why is there no flash player on iPad and iPhone

If you are an Apple iPad or iPhone user you might have reached this problem, you cannot locate and download Adobe Flash Player for these mobile devices.

no flash player on adobe devicesThe official reason offered by Apple and Steve Jobs is that Flash player is buggy, slow, etc, but... back in 1999 Steve Jobs had some problems with Adobe, more exactly Steve Jobs asked Adobe company to create some dedicated programs such as Adobe Premiere especially for the iMac, and Adobe's executives rejected him saying that "The Macintosh has too few users to make it worthwhile"; Steve Jobs was furious and felt betrayed saying "I put Adobe on the map and they scr**ed me"; At that time Adobe continued by not making Mac versions for popular programs like Photoshop, that is why most of the current Mac computers have their own programs for video editing, photo editing, word processing, etc, because Apple learned from this and tried to make their own programs that come with the Mac.

Steve Jobs never forgave Adobe and later around 10 years later when the iPad came out, Apple would not allow Flash Player to run on the iPads and the iPhones.

This contributed to Adobe Flash technology downfall starting around 2010, when you can see less and less dynamic flash content on websites; because with iPads being kind of popular, no website owner would like to have content on their site that cannot be viewed by many of their visitors (the iPad users). So sadly, the use of Adobe Flash content on websites is coming to an end, this included dynamic photo galleries, animated navigation menus, animations, etc.

Sources used in this article: audiobook about Steve Jobs written by Walter Isaacson.