PayPal refund policy

This information refers to software sellers, (some other rules applies when selling physical goods).

For the ones that are not familiar with PayPal - It is a service allowing you to sell items (merchant account), they process the card info for the sellers then they send the money to your bank or you can also withdraw through an PayPal ATM debit card.

PayPal sends refunds in any of these cases:

- If the card owners are irresponsible and cannot keep their card number or passwords private. Someone else can order from us sellers in this case and we lose the gods without getting any money when paypal issues a refund even though we are not responsible if a card owner could not keep his financial info private.

- If a buyers orders and after a while he decides he wants to have those goods for free all they need to do is say "- Hey, I didn't order this, someone else did it with my card" then paypal gives the ripper the money back no matter what the seller says, we the sellers lose the goods without being paid and ripper has the goods for free.

- If a carder (person that steals cards info) will need software for free they can easy use stolen cards to place an order, we deliver the software right after PayPal system says payment was "completed" then paypal comes and says card was stolen then carder has software for free, card owner gets his money back and we (the software sellers) worked for what we sold, delivered the software and get nothing in return. Then the software usually is posted on warez sites (because carders and warez work together) and our software gets downloaded by millions of people for free, all because of PayPal who could not verify the legality of the order.

Even though all the above is true PayPal remains the most popular and possibly the most secure form of online payment processing.