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A function to load external pages with Ajax
An easy to use JavaScript function that allows you to load any given page/file in any location on your page.

Bookmark Us Script
This script is used when you need to display "bookmark us" link on your site, when a visitor clicks the link the browser bookmarks window will opena nd will alow you to bookmark that link. It Internet Explorer you will see the bookmarks window open and in Mozilla type browsers you will see a text that says "Bookmark us (CTRL+D)", in Mozilla type browsers you can bookmark current link by this keyboard shortcut...

Browser PopUp Windows
Use this script to open browser pop-up windows when you click a link or an image.
The script can position the new window at a given x and y position on the screen, you can specify window width, height and you can specify what other items to apear or to hide on the window (buttons, status bar, etc)...