Quick Photo Gallery Script

This simple script will read all images form its own directory and display them as thumbs in a list. Then you can click any thumb to enlarge the image.

There is no database needed.

The image title will be read from the file name, an image like "lake_landscape.jpg" will print an image title like "Lake Landscape". This title will also be shown on image alt and title tags.

Basically all you need to do is upload your images in the same folder as gallery_index.php and image.php, after this make sure image_cache is writable, set permission code 777 on it.

When you access gallery_index.php you will see your images.

Click here to see this image gallery script:

click to see a preview of this script

The script also includes a caching feature that will prevent some server overloading by keeping a low resolution version of each file, this way your images will not be resized on each page view, saving some server CPU resources.

You might also have a look at our free php gallery, or the dedicated website for php gallery.

Download quick photo gallery script.